A Party for My Son

My son wanted to have a nice birthday party, and there was nothing more that I wanted to give him. He had been sick for the two years prior to that, and I wanted to celebrate not only his birthday but also the clean bill of health that the doctors had finally given him. While he was in the hospital one time, a company that does balloon sculpting in Singapore visited. He was so happy that day, and I knew that the balloon sculptors had a lot to do with that. I contacted the hospital to find out the name of the company that performed this service, then I went online to find out if they were affordable for someone like me.

I was so happy when I saw that they do small venues like birthday parties, and their prices were within the range that is affordable to me. I only caught part of the act during my son’s experience while he was in the hospital, so I was happy that I was able to read about this company and all of the different things that they offer to their customers.

When I read about the balloon sculptors, I was happy to see that they did more than just make cute animals and balloon swords. They actually put on a very entertaining show, and they incorporate the kids throughout the entire show. When my son’s face lit up when he found out that they were coming to his birthday party, I knew that it was more than worth it. His party is long gone now, but the memories that we all have of that day are forever etched in our minds, and the fun with balloons is a large part of that! His next birthday is coming up in a couple of months, and I have hired the same company to come out and do a magic show for him this year!