A Surprise Party and Magic Act for My Birthday

My wife hired a top magician in London for a surprise birthday party for me. I wasn’t expecting to have a party this year, and my wife and I went out for dinner. The dinner was all a diversion so that I wouldn’t suspect that people were waiting at home for the party. As soon as I stepped in the door after coming back home from dinner, everyone yelled “surprise” and I nearly had a heart attack. They all did a good job of keeping the party a secret. Even though I had just come from dinner, I was still hungry enough for the birthday cake they had for me.

The magician at the party started his act by doing a magic trick with me. He had a deck of cards and wanted me to select one of the cards and show it to everyone except him. I then had to put the cards back into the deck and the magician shuffled the deck. He then told me to look in my shirt pocket and I found a playing card inside of it. While I was amazed that the card was in my pocket, it wasn’t the card that I selected from the deck, or so I thought. I originally selected a four of hearts and the card in my shirt pocket was the five of hearts. When the magician took the card from me, he held it up and the card instantly changed into the four of hearts.

The magician had essentially done two tricks at once, and it was amazing. He really knew how to get the crowd into his act on the first trick. Every trick after that was even better than the last. The tricks were so unbelievable that it was like the magician actually had magic powers.