All Aboard for a Celebration

I was able to get a good deal at one of the transportation services in Singapore for one of their buses. I needed a bus to transport all of the members of my football team around the city, because we were celebrating after winning the championship in our league. This was the first time that the team had ever won and I wanted the guys to have a good celebration. They were more than excited to know that they would be celebrating the win and they all had ideas for where we should go to.

All of the guys had their favorite restaurants that they like to visit, so rather than trying to choose just one, we decided to go to them all. I’ve seen these guys eat lots of food and come back asking for more, so I figured they would be able to handle going to multiple restaurants in one day and eating their fill. I was especially eager to eat some hot pot, because I hadn’t eaten any in a while. It’s one of my favorite things to eat. We planned to have the bus ride to the restaurants on the weekend.

As the bus arrived to transport us, the guys cheered and the bus driver smiled. They hurried to their seats and we were off to the first stop. I tried not to eat too much earlier so I could have enough room for all of the food that I would be enjoying throughout the day. By the end of the day, we were all too sluggish to even move, but somehow we made our way back onto the bus after the last restaurant. We’ll all have the entire year to work off all of the food that we’ve eaten, and when the next championship happens, I hope we win again.