An App Designed for Teens

When I was a kid, we created our own fun outdoors. We would play all kinds of games, and we would hate to go inside at night. I hear all the stories today about how we were different than kids today who spend all their time on electronic gadgets, but we would have done the same if they were available then! That is why I understand the mindset of kids, because I like those gadgets too. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I wanted to find an affordable app development team to help me make an idea that I had come to life in digital form.

I run the local youth group at church. I love teaching the teens because they are at an age where I know we can reach them if we do it in the right way. I have been in prayer over this for a long time, and I finally was ready to bring my idea to life. Accountability is so important, regardless of one’s age. For the teens that I am working with, I know it is important that they hold each other accountable, which is where my app idea comes into play.

All of the kids have smartphones, so they all have access to apps. This particular app is going to be one used at least once a day by them, but more often as we grow deeper in this lesson on accountability. I just had to get the app designed, because while I had a great idea, I had no idea how to bring it to life. That is where the company I hired came into play. They were able to take my idea and turn it into an app that is available for free for anyone who wants it. The kids have been using it daily, and I can see such a change in them because of it!