Best California Limo Rental Prices

It still seems like a dream when I say it, but I am going to the prom with the girl of my dreams. I kind of used the word ‘dream’ a bit much in that sentence, but it is really how I feel. I have had a crush on this girl since middle school, and I have dreamed about being with her, but I got to the point where I never thought it would happen. I am checking out right now because I want to rent a limo for the night of prom and really make it a great night, and one to remember.

I still don’t know how I managed to work up the nerve to ask her to the prom. I am pretty sure she knew that I have had a crush on me, but I did not think that she was into me. We have always been pretty good friends, but I thought that she wanted to keep it just as friends. But one of our mutual friends convinced me to ask her to the prom, and to my surprise, she said ‘yes’. It was the happiest moment that I can remember. It kind of put me in a state of shock as well.

So since I have gotten so lucky, I want to make sure that everything is amazing for the prom dance. We are going to be going to a really up-scale restaurant to eat before we go to prom. And as I already said, I am going to rent a limo for us to ride in that night. I think the two of those things combined should help to make it a very special night. I still need to rent a tuxedo and I am not sure what sort of colors I want to go with for it.