I Need to Find a New Apartment

I guess that I am going to have to find a new place to lay my head at night, although I have been pretty lucky up to this point when it comes to roommates. Worse I have run out of the money I made in the summer doing tree pruning in Hendersonville NC. I have heard all sorts of stories about this sort of thing going bad. One guy I know from computer science told me that his roommate thought that he had figured out a way to beat these internet betting sites. Instead of that he ended up blowing all of the rent money for two months and one day my friend found an eviction notice on the door, even though he had given the other guy his part of the rent. This thing that happened to me is a lot less dramatic, the landlord simply thinks that they can get rid of me and the deal I made with his mother, then turn around and get double the rent on this place. Unfortunately for me he is probably close to right. I got a great deal on this place from a really sweet old lady who has now retired and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC.

I have been dating a really great girl and I have been trying to figure out if I want to move in with her, but there is not much chance of that happening. She came out and told me as much. She is living with her best friend and she told me that she was not really paying rent. The other girl has a doctor and a lawyer for parents, not the poor sorts of doctors or lawyers either. They came up here, found her a little house and bought it on the theory that when she was done with it, they would sell it. In meantime they do not have to pay rent for her or worry about the sort of drama I have.

Picking a Different Shower Door

Wanting to redo a whole bathroom is a lot of work for someone to do. I know when I started the process, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was overwhelmed with tiles, different sinks, flooring, and other parts of a bathroom that I just never thought of. It wasn’t until I had contacted someone from a business that dealt with shower doors in Somerset county NJ that I realized that there are a lot of different kinds of shower doors.

When I sat down with them to go over doors, they asked what type of door did I currently have and did I like it. I told them “I have no idea, it’s just a door on the shower.” I got explained that there were different kinds of doors for showers, like framed or frame less. I know my door has a frame, so I told them that. From there, I looked at photos of different doors and picked the frosted shower door because that was what looked the most like the door I currently have. They walked me through the pros and cons of all the other doors. Turns out, I just really liked the look of a rain glass shower door. It was the one that I kept looking at thinking “I just love that!”

After I picked a door, I had to wait a while for the company to get the door in the measurements that I needed. As soon as that happened, they were over really fast to put it in for me. I love the look and feel that it really compliments the whole new bathroom now. Installation was quick and easy, this company knew what they were doing. I expected a task like this to take all day, but it just took a little more than 3 hours. I look taking a shower now. The door looks amazing and it is easy to use and clean!

Fallen Trees Are No Match for Them!

In the spring, there was a huge storm that knock out the power and knocked out some trees in the yard. For a few days, we waited for the lights to come back on. That wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was the trees that fell around our home. We were going to clean them up ourselves, but the damage was too much. After starting on one tree, I quickly realized that this not a job for me. I went to the internet to find anyone in Asheville tree service that could help.

My husband and I got lucky. The first few tree services we called weren’t able to take on anyone due to all of the other tree damage in the area. We went down the list and found someone who was cheap and would be able to come to our home and cut up the trees. He had a small team with him and was reasonable with the price. At that point, I would have paid anything to get the trees up. Especially knowing how busy everyone in that service was.

They came out the next day, really early in the morning, and worked all day long. I offered them lemonade and snacks as a thank you for coming out. I realized that having them doing that was a luxury, something that most people wasn’t able to have. They appreciated the breaks and I appreciated them cleaning up the trees that fell! When they day was nearing the end, they had finished their job and was actually picking up the wood and loading it into a truck to haul off so I didn’t have to do that. It was the little details like that that really made me appreciate their work even more.

When I went to pay, one of the men told me to worry about that the next day. They were going to leave a load of wood to be hauled off in the morning and would come back by to do that before they start their next job then. In the morning, they came and I paid them and gave them all homemade cookies. We were all thrilled, me with the price and them with the cookies!