The Best Entertainment Options for a Boy’s Bar Mitzvah

As a practicing religious Jew, I am worried about my son’s Bar Mitzvah who will turn 13 in the middle of the year, and therefore looking for alternatives and options on how to make my son’s Bar Mitzvah unforgettable for us but especially for my son. So I looked through friends with kids and on the internet for bar mitzvah entertainment options.After analyzing a lot and contacting several sources I found several entertainment options. One of the first options I found was about DJ shows with varied music, not just dance music because not all young people feel comfortable entering the dance floor and fraternization music can be useful in this case, in addition to having, of course, Jewish music for the event.Another option I found was concerted with LED performers where performers wearing LED costumes or a variety of LED props, including hula hoops, juggling teams, or clubs.Based on this line of shows, options for circus artists who perform trapeze shows, silks, jumps, etc. can greatly entertain guests and people at the event.Magic shows are quite interesting for this, as almost everyone holds their attention when magic tricks occur.One of the best forms of entertainment for teenagers at a Bar Mitzvah are options that involve technology, video games, or virtual reality devices and so that parents are not excluded at the event, bring old games that are from the time of the parents of teenagers like Pac Man, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and other games.And finally, the option that almost always attracts people to an event is the food and drink options, with options that generally please everyone like pizza, hamburgers, soft drinks, some alcoholic beverages for adults, and of course, kosher food. After analyzing all these options, I decided to choose an entertainment option, such as a musical DJ, a magic show, technology options, and of course, food and drink options.