Doing Stunts for My Son

The next time one of my kids asks me to star in a movie, I’m going to hire a stunt man. My teenage son wanted to make a film for his class and asked me to be the star in the film. I was glad to help him out so I agreed. He wanted to make a film that was similar to a big budget action film using only a budget of nothing. For my role, I had to do punches and kicks. I did one high kick and hurt my back and needed a Redding chiropractor to fix it.

The injury I sustained from the kick was nothing too serious, but I couldn’t do any more of the intense things that my son wanted me to do for the film. My son said that was fine, because he would be able to edit the footage that he already recorded of me doing the actions to make a full film. When I heard that, I was really curious to see how he would put together the film, because I didn’t really think there was enough recorded footage of me, but I don’t know much about film editing anyway.

Before my son showed the film to his class, he let me see it, and he was really able to pull off what he told me he could do. His editing skills were no joke. Not only was he able to take the footage of me and make a whole movie out of it, but he also put in some special effects that was way better than what was in some big budget movies. If he sticks with it, I think my son can have a promising career in the film industry. He could be a great special effects editor or even a director.