Doing What You Love for a Living

For all of the years that I’ve been a working adult, I’ve hated my jobs. I would go to work because I needed the money, but I hated it and wanted to quit. My first job was at a fast food restaurant, and I had to deal with rude customers and a hot kitchen. Next I worked at a clothing store, and had the same problem of rude customers. After that I went to a mundane office job. I left all of this behind and started my own business with just a paystub generator, a website, and a box of tools.

I do a lot of woodwork as a hobby. I’ve done small things like make wood carvings and trinkets, to large things like making furniture. Since I loved woodworking so much, I decided that I should turn it into my job. Most people say that the best job is something that you can do every day and still feel happy about doing, regardless of how much money you make, and I agree with this. When I’m working with my tools, it feels like I’m just a kid having fun with his toys. I showcase the things that I make from wood on my website, and let people buy or bid on them.

There’s a lot of value in the wood items that I make, because they are all handmade. In a world were items are mass produced on a factory line with cheap parts, people love to see that something is made with care from a person who is skilled in their craft. Sometimes I get request from people who want special items made from a certain design, and I charge a little extra for that. People usually see some old furniture from a black and white movie and want an exact replica of that.