Excellent Legal Mind for Divorce Proceeding

ONe of the dumbest things that I have ever done in my life is that I did not make my wife sign a prenuptial agreement before we got married. I know that I was quite blinded at the time though, as I was in lust with her. I would not call it love and I do not know that I ever loved her. But I did not figure out that until much later. I am currently trying to find a divorce lawyer in Saratoga NY to hire to represent me in my divorce proceedings with my wife.

I really do not want her to end up with any more of my money than possible; I don’t care how much money I spend on fighting her in court. I would gladly spend a thousand dollars on legal fees to claw back a single penny from her. I can’t really express how bitter and angry I am at the moment. I know that a lot of this is my fault – not the failure of our marriage, but – I should have been smarter and not married her in the first place. I thought that she was a sweet person when, with a good heart, when we were engaged.

It did not take long for the afterglow to wear off though, and the thin veneer covering up a monster hiding underneath began to peel away within weeks after our marriage. I don’t want to say too many things that are disparaging to her, because I am going to try to take the high road in all of this, as much as possible. She really brings out the worst in me though, and she knows exactly how to push all of my buttons. So yeah, I need to hire a lawyer very quickly.