Exploring Group Love with My Hubby

I have always been attracted to both women and men. In general. I am more attracted to a personality than to looks or gender. The person that I ended up falling in love with was a man, but I can’t deny there are some days when I miss the touch of a woman. My husband knows that I am attracted to women and he does seem to understand if a woman catches my eye and I do the same for him. So when he casually mentioned maybe we should be looking for a 3some, I wasn’t surprised at all.

We decided that we should set some ground rules first, what is okay and what isn’t and talk openly and honestly about what our expectations are. We decided we should find someone that we do not know at all, so there aren’t any weird feelings in the end if things don’t work out. We also agreed that after our encounter neither of us would talk to this third person unless all three of us were present. No sneaking around, no meeting up just the two of us, or two of them. We also decided that if this was going to happen, it probably shouldn’t happen in our marriage bed, so we found a hotel room, about thirty miles away from home, with a jacuzzi and a beautiful view.

We found the woman that we were going to hook up with through an online dating service. She was lovely and kind and did not want a long term relationship with either of us, as she was in a committed relationship of her own. So we met up as planned and suffice it to say, we had a fantastic time. We decided that we the three of us would meet up every six months and decide if we wanted to do it again. I was afraid that this experience would break us up but if anything it made us stronger, because we paid attention to what was important, communications and each other.