Finding the Perfect House Through a Realtor

I thought I would be able to cut out the middle man in my search for a new home in Denver. I love looking at houses, and I figured it would be easy to go online and look at different listings in the city. Actually, I wanted something right on the outskirts because while I wanted to be close to Denver, I did not want to look out my window and see ten neighbors either. It was harder than I thought though, and I realized that hiring a realtor in Denver might be the best option after all.

When I contacted one that came highly recommended by a couple of different people, I realized that I should have just started out this way. I did not realize that the resources that a realtor has is a lot different than just going online to a search engine. There are people who want to sell their houses without them being listed for just anyone to see, as it can result in a complete loss of privacy. When I explained what I was looking for to the realtor, he told me that he knew of two places that seemed to fit the criteria that I had for my new home.

He was able to show me pictures as well as give me a complete description of the entire house and property for each one. I thought that I was going to have to live outside the city to have the kind of privacy that I wanted, but I discovered that can be had right here in the city too. The house that I ended up buying from him is gorgeous. It has four bedrooms, four baths, a three car garage, and a completely finished basement with additional rooms. The best part is that I cannot see a single neighbor when I am outside because of the large piece of property that I have here!