Front Seat of Old Car Gets My Sciatic Pain to Come Back in Full Force

I bought a classic car in the Midwest. It was in perfect running condition, and the only thing it needed was to have the bucket seats up front replaced. That was the last thing the previous owner was going to do before he decided to sell it. The driver’s seat was uncomfortable. All the foam had collapsed, and you could feel the springs and seat frame pressing into you. I put a pillow down to drive, but I still needed to see a Santa Barbara chiropractor when I got back as my sciatica was really acting up.

The roughly 800-mile drive pressed on the back of my legs and my lower back just enough to give me a sciatic flareup. I had the burning pain and the shooting electrical pains in full swing by the time I got the car home. I could have put it on a trailer and hauled it back, but I wanted to drive it. This one is going to be driven and not just stored, so 800 miles of open road seemed like a great break in period for all the restorative work that had already been done on the car. Now I needed some restorative work!

The Santa Barbara chiropractor adjusted my back and had me go through some massage, heat and electrical stimulation therapy to calm that sciatic nerve back down. I will not even carry my wallet in my back pocket because it puts just enough pressure when I am seated to cause me pain. Sciatic pain is awful. It burns and you feel like you are being shocked all at the same time. After my visit to the chiropractor, I went to a shop to get the seats totally refurbished from the frame up. Modern foams and upholstery would make the seats comfortable again and keep them from pressing on the nerves that cause me sciatic pain.