Fuel for the Work Day

I work from home, and every day I have to resist the urge to jump right back into bed and go to sleep. When I used to go to work at an office, I was forced to travel and I would stay awake by getting a cup of coffee from the break room. At home, I didn’t have my own coffee maker, so I found some good recommendations from Cuppabean and purchased one to aide me in my quest to stay awake in the morning. I don’t like to drink too much coffee, because it will make my heart beat faster and give me a jittery feeling.

I could have just drank some energy drinks, but I don’t really like the taste of those. The drinks I’ve tried are usually sugary and they have some kind of weird after taste. I also don’t think that it’s a good idea to drink something like that so early in the morning, especially with the crash that comes afterward. I’d rather just drink the coffee and at least have something that I will enjoy the taste of while I’m trying to get through my work day. A small pastry on the side doesn’t hurt either.

The coffee maker serves its use pretty well. Making coffee is as easy as touching a button, and I don’t have to wait a long time for it. The coffee is even better than the coffee that was in the break room at my old job because it hasn’t been sitting out all day. Every time I make it, the coffee is fresh. Sometimes when the work day is done, I like to relax by brewing another cup of coffee and reading the newspaper while I sip it. The news seems easier to digest when there is a cup of coffee nearby.