Great Stay During an Asian Vacation

In the search for a new vacation spot, I looked outside of my country for options. The first thing that came to mind was Asia. Many people have told me that Singapore is a good place to visit, so I looked there. I found the new Futura condo, which was located in a pretty neat spot of the country. Normally I stay at hotels when I travel, but sometimes I like to stay in condos because they’re like having your own place at the vacation destination, as if you’re living there and you don’t feel like someone just popping in from the outside.

The flight to Singapore was a long one. I slept for some of the flight, but I was so excited about my trip that I couldn’t stay asleep for too long. When the plane left, it was daytime, but when it landed, it was late at night. I went from the airport straight to my condo after I got my luggage. I drew a bath and took a long soak in the water. After my bath, I went to bed and looked forward to the next day, when I would be able to explore every bit of Singapore.

I woke up bright and early and headed to the closest restaurant for some breakfast. The best thing about going on a vacation is getting to try what everyone else eats on a daily basis. Even though there are many foods that are found all around the world, not everything is completely the same. The dishes will vary based on the ingredients available, and sometimes worldwide foods will come in unique variations. I took my camera with me and took as many photos of everything as I could. I didn’t care about looking like some kind of tourist, because I was one.