He is Making Sure Gram is Financially Okay

Life can be so unfair. My grandfather worked hard all his life so he could provide a good home and good lives for his wife and children. He did not know that by doing so, he would be cutting his own life short. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma nearly a year ago. I knew that was cancer, but I had no idea what all it meant. Cancer is cured in so many people nowadays, but there is no cure for this particular cancer. The only thing that made it easier for my grandfather was finding out about mesothelioma compensation.

While he would have chosen life over money, he did not have that luxury. He can only do what is realistic for his family. He is still young, barely retirement age, which is the irony in all of this. But the doctors gave him just two years because the cancer was so advanced. There were lots of tears, many prayers, and finally acceptance that this was something out of our control. We are not going to lose our faith, so we continue to pray every single day for healing for him.

He is the realistic one when it comes to money. He has a good pension, but he knows that my grandmother will have a tighter budget than he wants for her as she lives out the rest of her life. He contacted an attorney after looking at a website that deals with compensating people who have been diagnosed with this terminal cancer. He filled out all the necessary paperwork, and his doctors submitted their own reports. He knows without a doubt that gram is going to be okay financially, and that is allowing him to spend the last year or so of his life with her by doing the things they can still enjoy right now.