Hiring a Painting Professional to Get the Job Done Right

I will paint a room or the area of our foundation that we have painted white. I will even paint a door or the concrete stoop on the side of the house. I do not mind getting up on a small ladder to paint some things a little higher. However, I hire a painter in Morris County NJ to do anything above 10 feet. If I cannot reach it with a six-foot stepladder, I’m not painting it. Our house has been beautifully maintained with its painted wood siding and trim for decades. The key is to having it redone when necessary. You don’t wait until the paint is peeling and chipping away. You want to keep the paint film intact as much as possible.

Our trim looks as good as the day it was put up when my parents built the house. The wood lap siding does not have cracks, rot, chips or that crazing you see in some paint jobs. This is another reason we hire a professional painter in Morris County NJ to do the work. The art of painting wood and other surfaces is largely about surface preparation. However, it is the one step most amateurs neglect. Rather than painting over chips or flaking, our painter gets down to a solid surface, seals and primes. This is why the wood keeps looking great after every paint job.

Sure, there are many layers of paint on the house. However, it looks as good up close as it does from a distance. The right surface preparation and choosing a top quality paint makes all the difference. Paint films made today have superior adhesion and are very forgiving. This makes them even more durable when applied correctly. I don’t know how he can hang off of a ladder 40 feet in the air and paint trim, but he does it.