How the Lottery Changed My Life

For the past couple of years, life has not been going my way. I had a lot of problems in my life. I had problems with my career, education, health and social life. A lot of these problems stemmed from the severe lack of finances. Life was very hard without money. I could barely provide for myself. Things were very dire for me. One day, I saw an advertisement for a lottery company. The ad told me to visit their website and play the lottery. Much to my surprise, I won the lottery. My life changed for the best. I am truly blessed.

My main problem came for my lack of employment. After I graduated for college, I could not find a job. I applied to many jobs, but all I got was rejection. Sometimes, I would not even get a reply from some companies. I had to move in with my parents because I could not afford to live and provide for myself. It was hard to see all my friends moving up in the world and I was not moving all.

The lack of finances also affected my health. Without a job, I could not afford to have adequate health insurance. I had not been to the doctor in years. I needed to get a physical examination. I also had digestive problems. I could not afford insurance to get it checked out. I was afraid it was going to get worse. I also needed new glasses, but I did not have the money or insurance to buy them.

The lack of money took a toll on my social life, too. I could not afford to buy car insurance. With it, I could not legally drive my car. I could not come and go as I wanted. I had to depend on other people to take me places.

I am so thankful I won that lottery. I am now a multi-millionaire. I can have everything that I always wanted.