How Would Our Kids Change Their Schools?

The educational system in America is flawed in so many ways. Children are sitting in overcrowded classrooms, extra activities like art and music are being cut and materials in some schools are outdated and in desperate need of repair. Adults talk about these problems all the time without being able to find the solutions they are looking for, but what would happen if you asked a group of kids their opinions about how to fix their schools? When the question was posed to a group of ten to sixteen year olds, some interesting ideas came about. Kids say that they want their teachers to have fun in the classroom. While we certainly need our teachers to teach reading and writing, we also need them to keep the kids engaged and eager to learn. The only way to do this is to make the learning process fun. Teachers need to be released from the rigors of standardized tests, set curriculums and lack of materials in the classroom. They need to be able to make lesson plans individualized, which means they need smaller classrooms and a greater level of help from assistants and other teachers. With these measures in place, kids would want to learn, and the results just might be amazing. Kids also want fun stuff to do every day. When budgets are limited, the first thing to get cut is a physical education program, art class or drama group. These things are important to our schools. They keep a child’s mind occupied, encourage creativity, create healthy bodies and minds and open up a world of career possibilities. These programs should not be looked at as substandard and easy to cut, they should be viewed as necessities that are kept in our schools at all costs. These are only two of the many items that kids would like to see changed in their schools. Perhaps it is time we started listening to them. They have a lot to say and their opinions can help our society to make some valuable and important changes.