I Am Still Moving Around Now

Of course the current conditions in Hong Kong are not favorable to me, and the truth is that I have a lot of friends there who sort of make it impossible for me to remain there. The authorities in mainland China likely would not care what my passport says if they thought that arresting me would serve some sort of purpose for them. At any rate right now I am working in mobile app development in Singapore, although that is just a temporary thing. I am not even really sure that I have a legal right to work in this city without going through some hoops or at least getting all of the proper paperwork. In fact I am not even acting as though I am here for that purpose. I am on my way some place else, although I am not exactly sure that I know where I am going to go.

I was hoping to find this girl that I used to date when I was working in a wealth management place. It took me almost three days to figure out that she is at least three moves away from Singapore. A friend of her’s told me she had gone back to Hong Kong, then I learned she had gone back to Australia where she is from. When she called me up to tell me that she had heard I was looking for her, she told me that she was in London. In fact she told me that she was going to get married there and asked me if I thought I might want to come to her wedding. In truth that had nothing at all to do with why I wanted to find out where she was. I was polite obviously, but I was more than a little disappointed.