I Created My Own Blissful Treatment Room in My Home

I had been to a spa once with some girlfriends with mine, and it was a heavenly experience. When my husband and I were house hunting, I told him I really wanted to find a place with a really big, gorgeous bathroom so that I could recreate that experience. We found just the place, and the first thing I did was to find a place that could do custom mirrors in Somerset County NJ so that I could recreate the mirrored walls that I fondly remembered from the spa. It brought so much ambiance to the room and is lovely.

Going to the spa constantly is just not something that I would want to spend money on every month. I have a relative who goes once per month for just one simple monthly treatment that costs her $800 per month. I feel that many things that I can do there are things that I can search for info on the internet and then recreate those treatments at home for a tiny fraction of the cost. I make fresh strawberry masks, coffee masks, cocoa skin and hair treatments and much more. It costs me a few dollars to do it at most. So, putting in the mirrors is a one-time cost, and I can do everything else in my own home spa.

We also had a jetted tub put in. It’s a one-time only cost that will keep on giving back to me for many years to come. I have even learned how to make my own bubble bath from scratch, and they smell even better than what I can buy in the store or the really expensive stuff at a spa. Friends come over and are so envious of my bathroom now! I tell them to do what I did with my bathroom with mirrors and a tub, and then there’s no reason to go to a company every month for expensive treatments.