I Find the Best Songs Online

I was a late bloomer as far as music is concerned. I used to listen to a bit when I was younger, but I did not really get into it until I was a college graduate. I guess I spent so much time studying and making sure that I got good grades that everything else took a backseat. Now that I have a great job, I listen to a lot of music. I go to different websites where I can get an mp3 download, and I find songs I like this way as well as ones that I was not even aware of.

The last time I went there, I scrolled through some of the older songs on the list, and I was impressed with what I heard. I like that I can listen to the songs before I download them. That saves me a lot of trouble because there is quite a bit of music that I don’t like too. That is true even when it is the same artist. I will listen to a song by an artist, and fall in love with it. However, I can listen to another song by the same artist, even one on the same album, and dislike it with a passion.

I guess to me, it is not so much the person singing it but the way they sing it. I love everything about music, and I like to dissect it sometimes. That is something that drives my friends crazy, because they like a lot of the newer stuff that is just noise to me. I prefer to find great music that they have probably never even heard of until they come to my apartment and hear it playing from my laptop. As long as I can download my music from online, that is how I am going to find the best songs.