I Have Been Having Some Fun This Summer

I have been doing a little bit of work this summer, mowing grass for people in the neighborhood. Of course I have to save the money and so I am not really having a great deal of fun. It has been pretty boring for the most part. This morning I used some high school story cheats to get free rings and books, which tells you that I have not really been up to all that much. Of course my sister made fun of me, since she says I am too lazy to even play video games honestly. Of course she has been getting ready for college next year and so she is working all of the time on the sort of things that she is going to need to do. I am trying to get the money for a car and so far I have saved up a few hundred dollars. The problem is that I shall really need at least a couple of thousand dollars. To get there I need a real job and so I got to looking around for one. That turned out to work out better than I would have expected, because after I looked around for a month or so I got a job working at a grocery store about three quarters of a mile from my house. So I can walk there and back pretty easily and it has actually been pretty fun. The manager is a good guy and he has the place running pretty smoothly I guess, so no one is all stressed out like they are at a lot of jobs. The fun thing for me has been that I have been hanging out with a couple of my friends from school and trying to get up a relationship with this really cute girl.