I Have My Trees Pruned Every Year

Every year I have a Nassau County tree service company come out and prune all of my trees. I didn’t always have a professional tree service do this until about five years after a big ice storm came through and caused a lot of damage. When the ice formed on the branches it was too much weight and they started snapping off like toothpicks. These were branches of all sizes from the tiniest ones to the largest ones that hung over the top of my house. It’s amazing how something like ice covered trees can be so beautiful yet so dangerous at the same time. I was lucky during that storm that I didn’t suffer any property damage which could have very easily happened. One large branch fell and missed my car by a couple of feet.

Before the ice storm was even over I found a locally owned and operated tree service that provides storm cleanup as well as the pruning of trees. They were at my house two days after the storm and cleaned up all of the downed branches and proceeded to cut back the branches that could prove to be a safety hazard to the house and power lines. They were very reasonable with their prices and I was extremely pleased with the professionalism they displayed the entire time they were at my house. One thing I really respected them for was the way they approached safety. They used the latest and modern safety equipment available.

After they were finished with the job I invited them in for a hot cup of coffee. We sat down and discussed everything they did and ways I could avoid these problems every year. I decided from that day forward to have them do annual maintenance and pruning on our trees and have used them ever since.