I Hurt My Back Moving in

I spent a couple of weeks looking for a new place to live and I found an apartment complex that was within five minutes of the office. You can click here to look at their web page. Of course I was not really looking forward to moving and it turned out that I was right not to like the idea. My back has been a problem for me since I was in college and I have to see a chiropractor every so often. The bones in my back seem to like to move around and then you have to get a chiropractor to move them back to where they belong. Obviously you do not trust that to some random person you meet on the street. Instead you want to do all that you can to find the person that is least likely to put you in a hospital bed. In fact there is some small chance that you could die if you were just really unlucky, but I would not want to trust a chiropractor to work on my neck which is where this sort of thing might happen.

At any rate I talked this friend of mine into helping me and we got all of the light stuff up the stairs without incidence. Then we started to move the furniture and that turned into a real problem. I got about half of the way up the stairs before my back went out. There was not much I could do except continue until we got inside. Then I sat it down and tried not to scream. Fortunately this was the last thing that needed to go up the stairs, because I would not really be able to much more in that sort of thing. The apartment is a lot nicer than the one that I left though and it has been easy to get the back fixed.