I Hurt My Neck in a Wreck

Pain hurts, but I found out not long ago that there are varying levels of pain. I always thought that I was tough because I could handle pain well, but that was just until I discovered that I had not really experienced a deep level of pain until my auto accident. I was sore all over, but thankfully I had no broken bones or internal injuries. That did not mean I was not sore though. The doctors at the hospital told me I should consult with a chiropractor in Corte Madera to determine if I would need to have any adjustments done.

I went home the following day and did some research on chiropractic care and automobile accidents. I learned that the pain that I was feeling now would more than likely get worse before it would get better. I also learned that chiropractic care could mean a world of difference in how I was feeling too. I read about adjustments and manipulations, and especially how effective they are when a person suffers whiplash. I was not sure if that was what I had at the time, because it had only been 24 hours since my accident had happened.

It sure did feel like it though. I was wearing a seat belt, but my head still got bounced around a good bit because of the collision. My neck was hurting from it that first day, and it still did the next two days as well. I knew I should consult with the chiropractor that the hospital had recommended for me, so I made an appointment. I was able to get in that same day, which I was thankful for because I did not want to live on the pain pills I was prescribed. I did start feeling better pretty fast, and I continue to go because I have learned there are so many other benefits to chiropractic care too!