I Learned an Important Lesson from My Dad

My dad always reminded me growing up that one day I would have a house of my own and it would be important to respect it and take care of it. He mentioned this often when I would chase around after him on a weekend asking him why he was fixing the fence, the plumbing or something else that needed to be done. During one particular week, he said we needed roof replacement in Queens because it had gone too long without having some major work done. He used this event to point out to me just how quickly something that isn’t taken care of can turn into something even bigger.

Dad was not always good about getting things done around the house. He often sat on the couch and watched TV or went outside with us to spend some quality time with us. He wold often sit out and talk to me while I played in the backyard or he played ball with my brother. I loved this about him when I was growing up. When he didn’t have much time for me, I would pout and complain. He would sigh heavily, stop what he was doing and come spend some time with me. But over time, dad was not getting things done around the house, so he needed to put family time off for a bit and do some of the handyman type things around the house.

Dad tried do keep the roof patched here and there. He would get that done and then quickly move on to something else. But we lived where there’s a lot of bad weather and the snow, ice and rain got in under the shingles and into our attic fairly quickly. Rather than try to do most of the work himself, he called a roofing company in to do a lot of it. Dad pointed it out to each of us so that we would understand what goes into owning a home.