I Learned from My Friend in America

I have a friend who lives in America who considers himself to be a ladies man. He always hangs out at the dance clubs and tries to hook up with women. When one woman rejects him, he moves on to the next until finally gets one and takes her home for the night. He always talks about how he uses Vimax pills to satisfy the ladies. Here in New Zealand, you can’t just walk into a corner drug store and buy Vimax. If you want to buy Vimax in New Zealand, you have to order it online.

I found a website that sells Vimax to people who live in New Zealand. I wasn’t sure if the stuff actually worked, or if my friend was just blowing a lot of hot air. For all I know, my friend could have been working for the company and just shilling the product to me in the hopes that I would buy it. I gave my friend the benefit of the doubt and decided to try out the pills. Of course, the next step would be to find someone to use the pills with in bed. Using the pills on my own would have been a waste.

I went to the club, just like my friend in America does and tried to pick up a girl. I faced much of the same rejection that my friend had faced. I had no idea how he does something like this every week, and keeps doing it without any care in the world. After the first time, I would have gotten tired of it and given up. I finally got a girl and started talking to her. We went back to her place, I took one of the pills and we started to get intimate. The pill was amazing!