I Need to Find a New Apartment

I guess that I am going to have to find a new place to lay my head at night, although I have been pretty lucky up to this point when it comes to roommates. Worse I have run out of the money I made in the summer doing tree pruning in Hendersonville NC. I have heard all sorts of stories about this sort of thing going bad. One guy I know from computer science told me that his roommate thought that he had figured out a way to beat these internet betting sites. Instead of that he ended up blowing all of the rent money for two months and one day my friend found an eviction notice on the door, even though he had given the other guy his part of the rent. This thing that happened to me is a lot less dramatic, the landlord simply thinks that they can get rid of me and the deal I made with his mother, then turn around and get double the rent on this place. Unfortunately for me he is probably close to right. I got a great deal on this place from a really sweet old lady who has now retired and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC.

I have been dating a really great girl and I have been trying to figure out if I want to move in with her, but there is not much chance of that happening. She came out and told me as much. She is living with her best friend and she told me that she was not really paying rent. The other girl has a doctor and a lawyer for parents, not the poor sorts of doctors or lawyers either. They came up here, found her a little house and bought it on the theory that when she was done with it, they would sell it. In meantime they do not have to pay rent for her or worry about the sort of drama I have.