I Needed to Have Customized Spreadsheet Help

I was at my wit’s end trying to make Excel work for me. For my personal uses, it was very easy. I had no idea how to create the spreadsheets that I needed for my growing business though. I needed to keep extremely accurate records, and I was just not able to do the spreadsheets exactly how I wanted them to be. I needed to have reports run daily, with some being run multiple times throughout the day. I felt lost because I am the furthest thing from an Excel expert that there is.

I knew that there had to be someone out there that could help me though so I went online and started looking. I was disappointed when I did not find anyone local. I did find someone about an hour away, but his prices were outrageous. Perhaps a large corporation could pay what he wanted, but I am just a small business doing my best to stay above water. My disappointment did not last long though because I was able to find a freelance company that offers exactly what I was looking for at a price that was definitely more in my own price range of affordability.

When I explained the different reports that I needed to run daily, and my frustration in not understanding how to incorporate them so they would just do it automatically at the push of a button, the expert I spoke with assured me that he would be able to get me exactly what I needed. Less than two weeks later, he kept his word. He even gave me support a couple of times when I ran into a snag, and he was able to get me back on track in no time. I used to hate running my reports, but it is so simple now thanks to the spreadsheets I had created for just this purpose.