I Stopped in to Meet Someone Who Said He Could Help Me

I tried to get outside to walk every day, but walking any sort of long distance was becoming a struggle for me. I notice that there is a Santa Maria chiropractor who does business just a few blocks from my place during one of my walks this year. I decided to go in and talk to someone there about the issues I was having with my back, walking, running and more. I wanted to know what they could do for me. The receptionist asked the chiropractor to come out to talk to me personally about it. He told me that he would like to help me, and we scheduled an appointment so that he could try to see what he could do to make me feel better.

My issues began after I threw my back out while helping a friend to move out of her apartment. She was holding up one end of her heavy couch, and I was holding up the other end. I should have refused to help carry it, but I said nothing and we carried it outside to the moving truck. Just as I let go of my end, I felt something slip out of place in my lower back. The pain started then. I was done for the day after that point. I could not help anymore. Lifting that couch then caused me a lot of issues in my own life. I found myself calling in to work far too often because of pain. I used to run regularly, but that became impossible. Walking for exercise was very painful.

I felt like I was a 35-year-old person trapped in the body of someone who is 60. The pain affected me physically, but it upset me as well. That means if affected my mental health, too. Talking to the chiropractor that day gave me hope. I was on time for my appointment that I set up with him. He greeted me with a smile and then got down to work on my back right away. He fixed everything in just months for me.