I Use This to Save Time Every Day

I do not remember having trouble with any body odor as a child. It seems that the older you get, the smellier you get. This was frustrating because, as a child, I really did not care what I smelled like. But now, as an adult who has little time, I find that it is very important. I was talking to my sister about this, and she told me that she uses Crystal X and has no problems at all now. She and I spent a lot of time with one another, so it was a surprise to learn that she had never mentioned it before.

When I was sent away for training in school, I spent many long hours studying, and I had little time for hygiene. The school’s daily regimen was touch, and I needed to graduate with honors. Getting a degree from that school was important in the business world, and I needed that degree. Not only that, but my parents were paying a lot of money to go to this particular school. I needed to not let them down. There were days that I could not shower for a couple of days or more, and then I became very worried about certain body odors, which then interfered with me keeping my mind on school. Taking a shower for 5 minutes was a big deal. There was little time to do anything outside of sleeping, eating and school. I could have used the product that my sister told me about, and I feel lucky to use it now.

I have three children, and they are triplets. This means that I have next to no time to waste. My husband works many hard hours to allow me to stay home to care for them round the clock. They wake up and cry at various times, so I’m always busy. I use Crystal X to help stay fresh.