I Will Be Getting Treatment That Will Help Me to Feel Comfortable Again

I looked in the mirror a couple of months ago and took a good look at my skin. Out loud, I muttered, “When did I become so ugly?” It was very upsetting to see how much my skin had gone downhill in the past 10 years. I had never been to an aesthetic and laser clinic for Singapore people before, but I wondered if it was time to go to one to see if my skin could be helped at all. I decided to do some research so that I could see what type of clinics are near me and what type of treatments they offer.

I guess I got lucky with great skin when I was much younger. In my teens and early twenties, many of my friends suffered from acne. Often, they would try to hide it with layers of foundation. There were days that the pimples stung and itched quite a bit, so they were unable to use any makeup to cover the acne at all. After years of this, many of them had damaged skin. That never happened to me, and I’ve never known why that is. I was just grateful that I didn’t have to worry about it myself in a world where we have many other things to worry about.

Acne became an ongoing problem for me in my thirties. Now that I’m in 42, I can see how much damage it has caused. I have quite a few pockmarks around my nose and on my chin. I found a clinic nearby that can help with this, so I have made an appointment. I looked at the before and after photos on their website, and I have great hope that, after several laser treatments, my after photos will look amazing as well. The treatment does not cost much at all, and I think the low price is worth feeling comfortable with the way I will look again afterward.