I’m Pretty Much an Online Celebrity

I’ve always heard about people making money on Instagram and I wanted to get in on the action. I thought it would be as simple as taking a few selfies and uploading them, but I was barely able to get any attention from those. Every once in a while I would get some likes, follows, and positive comments from a few random people, but nothing major. I turned to a different solution in being able to buy Instagram followers. Although I didn’t want to spend any money at all to get money out of Instagram, it was inevitable that I would have to do that.

After buying some followers, I got the attention of a small online blog that wanted to write a story about me as one of the young and rising new stars of Instagram. This was my shot at a big break. If a lot of people were to read that blog, they would come to my Instagram page and follow me, and then my numbers would grow even more. The blog asked me some questions about where I was from, how long I had been using Instagram, and what were my goals for the future.

Since the blog post about me, the number of followers I had were multiplied by 100. I was at the high levels of Instagram stardom, and I was getting offers left and right from people to do advertisements, endorsements, and interviews. It has even gotten to the point where I’m so famous that people recognize me on the street when I go out to do my grocery shopping. It’s amazing how they were all so interested in me once the followers started coming in. There was nothing different in the kind of content that I was uploading since the day I started using Instagram.