Inexpensive Treatments Helped Me to Put My Best Face Forward Again

Before I had some amazing skin treatments carried out, it used to upset me to look in the mirror and immediately shift my gaze away due to being unhappy with my skin. Up until about 6 months ago, my skin was looking so haggard. I put up with it for years until I decided to do something about it and see an aesthetic doctor who had the right tools to make real changes to my face. Everything that I had done was pretty easy to carry out, and none of those things involved surgery. The results are great, and I don’t feel the need to cringe when I look in the mirror throughout the day anymore.

It’s a shame that I didn’t do something about the state of my skin long ago because I spent too many years feeling ashamed of the way I looked and not having much luck with hiding the problems with makeup. I had adult acne for many years around both sides of my nose. That seemed to cause enlarged pores, and I also had pitting in my skin from some really bad, individual pimples that cropped up from time to time. The skin under my eyes also looked very crepey, and I could tell that it was getting worse each year. The smile lines near my mouth were becoming deep grooves.

When I visited the doctor, I feared the price, and I feared it would be a lot of work to get my skin looking decent. He ended up pointing out that he could do everything I needed with only chemical peels and laser treatments. He also said that I would see the difference from all of the treatments within only 6 months time and they would last for many years. Considering the fact that my self esteem had been plummeting for many years due to my skin conditions, I felt that treatments that will last many years would be a smart investment.