It is Not That Hard to Help Yourself Look Great

I have to admit that I really went downhill in a lot of ways after my husband left me. I felt so depressed each day and no longer took much interest in my appearance. It is really surprising to see how much that affects you and you begin to see your skin, hair and self-esteem start to erode. I decided that I needed to get my act together. I decided to order my natural hair extensions that I wear now and look so good in. I went to an expert makeup artist and had her tech me how to do my own makeup. I even bought new clothes.

When I married my husband, we both became very comfortable with one another. I did not spend much money on taking care of myself because he really likes a natural look. It was simple, but it sure did not help me look my best. And later, when he told me that he wanted to get a divorce, I took care of myself even less. I spent a lot of time crying, sleeping and just not caring about what was happening to me.

After about six months of feeling sorry for myself, I realized that he had moved on and was engaged to be married to someone else. I wanted to have a happy relationship as well, and I knew that the only way I could do that is if I took a shower and tried to make myself presentable enough that someone would want to date me again.

I wanted a new hairstyle, so I ordered the hair extensions. I bought long ones because I had always looked good with long hair. They were easy to use and they transformed the way that I look quickly. I had learned how to put makeup on, and that helped as well. I ended up joining up to a dating site and have already met some great guys thanks to my new look.