It’s a Great Thing for Customers to Have Choices

I live in Texas, and I moved here after getting out of the military 10 years ago. In my home state, cost of living was lower than it is here. But at some point, I learned that people in many other states have a choice of who to go with for utilities and much more so that they can compare prices. We didn’t have that power for a very long time, but we do and can look that info with the help of a very helpful website these day.

Where I used to live, I could make a choice between three different places to get phone service from. I could also choose from three separate companies to get my electricity from. Not only that, if you live in an apartment there, many utilities are included in your monthly rent. I was told by many people this is because the people who own apartment buildings have the ability to compare and choose the lowest service that would be brought into the building for residents to use. Where I am now, that was not a possibility for years, and most apartment residents did not get the luxury of living the “utilities included” life.

But the nice thing is that deregulation is taking place now. Here, our government regulated the one place that offers service, and other companies had no chance at all. This took away power from the people, and deregulation helps to give citizens more power to make choices, rather than none.

It was really nice to have a chance to go through what each company can offer me in the way of plans. It was not a good feeling to not have that choice for so many years. It makes me feel like someone cares about people, rather than the other way around.