It’s Time for a Replacement

I’ve been looking at some of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore these days. I’m in dire need of a new secretary because the one that is currently working for my company is doing a poor job. She wasn’t so poor at her job at first, but for some reason she’s gotten worse at it each month, and I think it’s finally time to let her go. I wish I didn’t have to do it, especially since these are dire times for everyone, but sometimes you have to do what needs to be done.

The secretary has been working at the company for a couple of years now. When she started at the company, she was hopeful, energetic, and would get everything done in a timely manner without any mistakes. Now she takes forever to do anything and will often have a lot of mistakes in the documents she makes. She misspells names, leaves all kinds of data errors, and everyone else has to correct her mistakes. I’ve tried talking to her about it many times, but she seems to keep getting worse. Replacing her with someone who can do a better job is the only course of action that I can think of to solve this problem.

From what I’ve seen online and heard from other people, the secretarial service secretaries are pretty good. A close friend of mine who has a business hired one from a company, and he’s had no problems at all with her. I think that if I hired a new secretary, they would be able to handle the work that the old secretary had to do without running into any problems. I’m fairly lenient and can give the secretary an adjustment period if necessary, but I don’t think that they will need one because our work isn’t that intense.