Listening to Music on My New Mp3 Player

I have a fairly large yard and it normally takes me about three hours to mow it. I try to get it done all at once. It just seems so much easier that way. For Mother’s Day, my children bought me an mp3 player so I could listen to music while I’m doing yard work. It certainly makes the time go by quickly. But before I could use it, they had to explain to me what an mp3 song download was. I had no idea how to use this technology, which was new to me. Little did I know how much I was going to enjoy listening to music again.

It turns out that I can go to a website and pick out whatever songs I wanted to listen to. There was music from just about any genre you could think of. I was like a small child at Christmas time. It did not take me very long to get the hang of navigating around this website and picking out the songs I wanted to download to my new mp3 player. I had a pretty wide variety of music that ranged from twenty years old to the newly released material.

As soon as we got all of the music downloaded I headed outside and cranked up the lawn mower. It sure made the task of mowing the grass a whole lot more pleasurable. The music drowned out the sound of the roaring engine and I could barely hear it. I had downloaded so many songs that I did not have to listen to any one song more than once on my three-hour walk around the yard. And before I knew it, I was finished with the yard. I think this would also be a good way for me to listen to my music on my daily walks. Thanks, kids.