Looking at Things to Do After School

Of course a lot of guys have the entire future mapped out and they talk like they know exactly what they are going to be doing in five years or twenty years down the road. I was talking to this girl the other night at a party and she was talking about how she was half of the way towards getting a diploma in beauty therapy. I was trying not to make fun of that, but I really wanted to do it. Of course the truth is that there is a big business to be done in that sort of thing. Every one cares about how they look and they all want to look as good as they possibly can look. It is obvious that you can actually make a lot of money doing this if you are really good at it too.

I know this guy who would not let anyone except this one woman cut his hair. She was out of pocket one time and he was beside himself about it, because he is really caught up in his own looks. In fact the acts like he wants to be a model and thinks that he is all that. It is hard for me to understand really, but it is not that difficult to figure out that some people really have to have exactly the right look. I think that politicians are keen to pay whatever they have to pay to get the hair cut that they think makes them look the stateliest. If you are the Prime Minister of New South Wales you have to have a nice hair cut. It is not like you can go see any barber and count on the guy to give you the right look. You could end up the butt of jokes.