Lovebirds Are More Complex Creatures Than I Thought

When I was younger, my uncle went to a local department store and purchased lovebirds. They were white, small and I could not really see why he was so fascinated with them. While they weren’t terrible or anything, it is not like they talked like parrots or something.

One day while he was cleaning his room, one of them flew out of the window. he had this panic attack and told my brother and me to go back to the store and purchase another. I wish that was around at the time because I would have known that what he was implying was far from the truth. he told us that these birds needed the love of one another to live and that the remaining bird would die if we did not go replace the missing one ASAP.

The worst thing about him saying that is the fact that were were pretty young. I am sure I was in middle school and my brother was still in elementary. Imagine how horrified we were at the thought of that. We pretty much raced to the store as fast as we could since we thought that a life was in our hands. I look back on it and know that my uncle was misinformed and lazy.

I am not a huge bird fan myself, but I have a friend who is interested in buying some. I think she should be smarter than my uncle and head to before she makes a purchase. This way she can be a responsible pet owner instead of one of those people who own pets but do not take the time to do their research. I would never buy a pet that I did not take the time to learn about. Especially since they are living creatures and not just there for your enjoyment.