Loving the Video Games Now

I didn’t understand why people would spend time as adults playing video games, but I understand why now. My friends told me that they wanted me to try out the new video game that they had just got at the store. I told her I did not want anything to do with a video game and she told me that she wanted me to come over and just hang out. I saw that she texted me to look for Idle Heroes cheats before I came over so that I could help her out with the game. I did not know what to say because I really did not want to go but sit and watch her play her games like she has me do. I usually end up watching TV or reading something but I like being with her because she is cool to just sit in a room and hang out with, we always end up laughing.

Well, this time it was very different and I ended up trying out the new game because it looked fun. My husband told me that he could not believe that I liked the video games and I told him that I was really going to give it a shot. I knew that it was going to become a new passion of mine because when I was going to sleep, this is one of the few things that I would think about. I knew that I wanted to go and try something that was going to be different for me to expand my horizons and I had no idea that I would love video games as much as I do today. There were a lot of people that could not believe that I was actually playing all the games and it is so much fun.