Moving Long Distances Require Some Forethought

It is a big thing to move. It is even a bigger thing to move from one country to the next. I have packed things to be placed into a moving truck that moved our residence from one part of the island to a condo several miles away. Packing for a move across the ocean to a new country is different. Knowing your stuff is going to be packed into a container that is on a ship moving across the water takes some more prep. We contacted a moving company in Singapore to get the job done for us. We wanted to make sure every item made it to our new home.

You do not only have to really take your time in wrapping and securing fragile items, you need to consider customs in your new land as well. You might as well forget about transporting anything that is growing such as a plant. You probably should check with your destination country about anything that is organic that could grow too. I have a garden here, and I have seeds for some vegetable varieties that we like. You do not want to get into any issues with customs, because all of your stuff may be held and gone through. The officials may not be as thorough at re-securing fragile items that are inspected.

The same goes for anything that could be considered a weapon or contraband. It is good to ask a lot of questions and get documentation. Don’t forget about medical devices too. I have a CPAP machine I use at night and a backup one I keep in storage. I want to make sure even that stuff is okay to clear customs when our home items arrive where we are moving to. It is better to be safe than sorry.