My Girlfriend Got Me Some Custom Socks

It was a bit weird actually, but my girlfriend knew that I liked the pair of socks like Robert Griffith the third wore at the Heisman, only his were Superman socks and I wanted some with a spider man logo on them. She found this place on the web called customize Elite socks or some such thing and they made them for her. In fact she got a bunch of different socks for me with different things on them. Most of them were related to stuff I am in to, but one of them had her name and a stylized image of her face on it. This girl she knows who is a pretty good artist took a nice photo of her and turned it in to a sort of a cartoon or a caricature, then they sent that in to the place that makes the socks and they made her a pair of socks with that on it.

Of course it is not that big of a deal to do this if you have the right piece of kit to do it with. It is like screen printing t shirts I am sure. You just need to have the same type of machine and you can do it on socks or any other thing. I guess you could make custom bed sheets or that sort of thing if you really wanted. The nice way to do it would be to use an embroidery machine of course, but that would be a lot more expensive I am sure. Those machines probably are ten times more expensive and take ten times as much time for you to do them as a simple screen printingoperation would be. So obviously the simple way is going to be the best way if it is your business.