My Husband Was Just Too Immobile

My husband rarely complains, but I knew that he was in a lot of pain just by watching him move. He would grunt softly when he had to stand after sitting even for a few minutes, and it took him several minutes to just get up the steps after a long day at work. I knew that he was in pain, and I finally got him to agree to go see a Beverly Hills chiropractor about it. When he did tell me he would go, I knew that the pain had finally reached a level that was just too uncomfortable even for him.

The chiropractor did the initial exam, and then he also had some X-rays taken of my husband’s back and shoulders, since that is where the majority of the pain seemed to come from. He took a detailed history of my husband’s medical past as well as information from how he typically spends his days. When he told the chiropractor that he sits nearly all day long, and has not done any real exercise since giving up a gym membership nearly three years ago, the chiropractor was able to devise a treatment plan that was able to change my husband’s life.

It was not easy by any means, because it did involve moving a lot more. He was given exercises that he had to do at home, and then he did more at physical therapy. The chiropractor also gave him adjustments twice a week for a month, then once a week for another month. By the third month, my husband felt like a new man. it was not easy getting there, but it was so worth it. He can get up the stairs quicker than our son now, and that is really saying something. He still gets adjustments done about once a month, and he has even joined the gym again!