My Mom and Dad Have Meant a Lot to the People at Our Synagogue

My family has attended the synagogue that is located just a couple of miles from our home for the past 35 years. My parents were looked up to by all of the members there, and my father even taught classes there. When he passed, the members decided that they wanted to look for Jewish bronze plaques in NJ so that they could find a nice one to put up for both my mother and father. Mom is still alive, but because she has been a big part of the synagogue as well, they felt it only right to honor her as well. Mom is just tickled about it, and she has said many times that she wishes my father could know that it’s being done for him, too.

Dad was always good to us. I know that I heard many times from friends that they were unhappy with their parents when they were growing up. My sisters and I never felt that way with our parents. Mom spent a lot of time with us because she was stay-at-home mother, and despite the fact that my dad worked long hours, he carved out many hours on many different weekends to spend time with us kids. He was very hands-on with us, and it was nice because it gave mom a break from us.

When Dad grew ill from cancer, mom took care of him as long as she could. It’s some point it became too much for her, and we all jumped in to help whenever we could. On the day that he passed away at home, we had a wonderful conversation with him just hours earlier. We shared lots of memories and we told him just how much you meant to us and how much we loved him and always will feel that way.