My Sister is Obsessed with Her Breasts

Of course she is looking at all sorts of weird things and she knows quite well that there is not any chance that Mom and Dad are going to go for a surgeon taking a knife to her. The girl is only fourteen years old. It all seems to have started when a couple of her friends started to blossom as some people say. She was really jealous since guys started paying more attention to her friends. She has been looking at this site called and talking about the pills and creams they hawk there. It is not a good idea to my way of thinking, although I sort of think that there is not really that much that could go wrong. In fact I am guessing that the pills and the creams do not really do anything. They may work in a very natural way. She is a fourteen year old girl and there is a really good chance that her breasts will grow the same way that they usually do for girls that age.

In fact there is really a chance that you could make a pill that would work. I know this in a strange way, since I know that there is a pill where the side effects include enlarged breast. In fact the problem is that this happens to boys and young men. However the pill does all sorts of other bad things and it does not seem to be terribly effective at the core purpose, as an anti psychotic and for other mental illnesses. Still if you can make a boy have larger breasts with a pill by accident, then it stands to reason that you could probably find a pill that would make breasts bigger. At least that is something I have been thinking.