New JerseyElectrician for Home Inspection

I am going to sell my house in the near future, or hopefully it won’t take that long until I feel the house is ready to go on the market for a good price. I do not want to sell it until I fix it up more, until a point where I think it will sell for an amount that I am going to be happy with. I am trying to be thorough in this process and I am going to hire a electrician in New Jersey to come do an inspection on the wiring in the house, because I feel that is pretty important. Potential buyers might not be thorough enough to ask about the wiring, or electrical system more generally, but I feel like if you are going to sell something, then you are putting your name out there, and your reputation is on the line. Therefore I want to make sure that the house is in great shape before I sell.

I am kind of worried about the wiring in the house, but I am not sure if I have a good reason to be. The house is a bit older, but not that old. So I really can’t say how the wiring is compared to modern standards. I would not be a bit surprised though if some things need to be redone, and I am fine with that, I just hope it doesn’t cost too much money. I have never had electrical work done on the house before, so I am not sure what electricians tend to charge for their work, but I imagine that experienced electricians charge a pretty decent amount of money per hour. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the whole house does not need to be rewired or anything like that.