One by One They Trade

Every day I go to the local coffee shop and use the bitcoin trading app on my phone to trade bitcoin. The coffee show is a quiet place where I can trade in peace while having a delicious beverage. Some customers came into the coffee shop while I was using the app and they asked me what I was doing. They were entranced by the colors of the chart that showed the price changes. I told them all about bitcoin and they had some idea of what it was, but didn’t know how to make trades.

I told the customers more about trading bitcoin and they wanted to try it for themselves. I told them where to download the app and once they did, they started making their first trades. To me, it was like a parent watching their child learn how to walk for the first time. More customers came into the shop and saw me and the others trading on their phones. Just like the first set of people that I talked to, these customers were curious, so I showed them bitcoin trading.

After an hour, everyone in the coffee shop was trading bitcoin on their phones with the app. All of the tables were filled with people who were looking at their phones while sipping their coffee. The cashier at the coffee shop wanted to try bitcoin trading for herself, but she couldn’t while she was on the job. Her boss was a strict man who didn’t want his employees to be distracted while on the job. he would probably be a little less strict if he were trading bitcoin. Then again, he might become even more strict if he starts trading and makes a bunch of bad decisions that results in him losing all of his profits.