Picking a Different Shower Door

Wanting to redo a whole bathroom is a lot of work for someone to do. I know when I started the process, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was overwhelmed with tiles, different sinks, flooring, and other parts of a bathroom that I just never thought of. It wasn’t until I had contacted someone from a business that dealt with shower doors in Somerset county NJ that I realized that there are a lot of different kinds of shower doors.

When I sat down with them to go over doors, they asked what type of door did I currently have and did I like it. I told them “I have no idea, it’s just a door on the shower.” I got explained that there were different kinds of doors for showers, like framed or frame less. I know my door has a frame, so I told them that. From there, I looked at photos of different doors and picked the frosted shower door because that was what looked the most like the door I currently have. They walked me through the pros and cons of all the other doors. Turns out, I just really liked the look of a rain glass shower door. It was the one that I kept looking at thinking “I just love that!”

After I picked a door, I had to wait a while for the company to get the door in the measurements that I needed. As soon as that happened, they were over really fast to put it in for me. I love the look and feel that it really compliments the whole new bathroom now. Installation was quick and easy, this company knew what they were doing. I expected a task like this to take all day, but it just took a little more than 3 hours. I look taking a shower now. The door looks amazing and it is easy to use and clean!